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KANSAS CITY COMMUNITY...working together to make life better!


As a small business who helps feed the world, we believe that conducting a profitable business in ways that are sensitive to our community and the environment is the only way to do business.

Our commitment to the environment and our surrounding community positively affects the lives of our customers, staff and all of the inhabitants in our surrounding area, today and tomorrow.


We're really into buying locally, from farmers and businesses, keeping money in our community and taking care of each other.


And what's better than fresh, locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables? We can't think of anything. The way we see it, food can only be as good as the ingredients used.


"Divine Flavor for the Conscious Eater" means positive ingredients for a positive experience!




We are continually searching for ways to better the community we live in. We have monthly monetary donations, help feed the homeless, plant trees, etc. that we do because we feel strongly that this must be done. But, how can our donations be maximized to create the greatest benefit?


Most local charities and non-profit organizations in our communities "ask" for monetary contributions, or in the form of "gift certificates" for silent auctions and other fundraising events. These certificate donations benefit the non-profit organizations because they sell, or auction, the certificates for money.


We have donated to these auctions since our inception in 1994. Recently, we learned the monetary return for a gift certificate is usually well under 50% of the certificate's face value. That does not seem like a very efficient return on investment.


Do these donations enhance our business? Aside from the great feeling of giving and the exposure, if we do not take into consideration the repercussion of how we distribute our gifts, we may not exist to give in the future. This is the question we asked ourselves and "Benefit Weeks" is the solution we have conjured.


We believe strongly in supporting the community in which we live and work. That is why we sponsor benefits for non-profit organizations. These benefits have proven to be very successful. They provide a sustainable solution for both parties. The result is much more money being raised!


Instead of asking for donations, consider using a more valuable technique that benefits all parties involved. This approach not only supports your organization and those who participate from the public, it also supports us! Let me introduce you to BENEFIT WEEKS...Truly a "win-win-win" situation!



Looking for a way to raise money for your group or cause? Let's work together to build a stronger community: Benefit Weeks will become an ongoing part of your fundraising activities.


What is it?

  • "Benefit Weeks" are our way of saying "thank you" to the community.
  • "Benefit Weeks" are a way for your group to raise needed money.
  • "Benefit Weeks" are available to any group, 6 days a week.
  • "Benefit Weeks" are a FREE way for your group to receive donations!
  • "Benefit Weeks" provide you with an easy fundraising opportunity that you can do 3 times per year.

How does it work?

  • Simply by getting people to eat, something they have to do anyway, you make money!
  • You promote people eating at Eden Alley Cafe during the promotion times you pick.
  • Your group promotes and sponsors that specific day. The better you promote, the more people come dine, the larger the donation check. It's that simple!
  • Guests coming in for your promotion, just tell our host that they are with your group when they are paying...just tell our host...that's it.
  • We'll write your group a donation check equaling 15% of the entire promotion pre-tax ticket totals for "your groups' checks."
  • Available for both dine-in and carry-out orders.
  • We require a Minimum of 20 diners during your promotion period for your group to qualify for a 15% Benefit Check.
  • We try to respect the needs and wants of all our guests. Every guest's experience is our number one priority, therefore absolutely No solicitation, signage, or promotional materials will be allowed in our restaurant.

Benefit Weeks are an easy way to raise money for your group or cause. eMail us today, and let's get started!


Still want a donation? How will our donation promote our restaurant?
email us and we can discuss the possibilities...edenalley@edenalley.com


here are a few of the great non-profit organizations we proudly support on an ongoing basis :


American ForestsHarvestersUnity TempleWater.orgASPCAthe HALO FoundationCamp EncourageJewish Family ServicesKC Repertory TheatreKCPTKCURSt. Jude Children’s Research Hospital



Much of your food comes from our local community: Acme Grain and Soaring Eagle Farms. Bad Seed Farm. Central SoyFoods. City Bitty Farm. Farm to Market Bread. Hansen’s Heavenly Herbs. Karbaumer Farm. New Traditionalist Bread. Peacock Farms. Simply Food. The Roasterie Coffee. Shatto Milk. Trade Routes Bakery. Be Love Too Farm.


As well, we try to use local vendors for our other services like Ambrosi Cutlery. Berlau Paper Source. Excel Linen Supply. Missouri Organic Recycling and Composting.




Acme Grain


Acme Grain and Soaring Eagle Farms
Lee and Cindy Quaintance

Located in southwest Johnson County, Kansas, near Edgerton. The farm is approximately 400 acres of ground that is Indiana Certified Organic. Avariety of crops are grown including spelt, rye, wheat, corn, clover seed, natto beans, black turtle beans and buckwheat.

A fourth generation farmer, Lee and Cindy believe that sustainable and organic farming is the appropriate approach to being good stewards of the land.

Ambrosi Cutlery Co.

3023 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64108-3323
(816) 756-3030


Open Weekdays 8am-5pm; Sat 10am-6pm


bad seed


Bad Seed Farm and Market
Brooke Salvaggio

1909 McGee St
Kansas City, MO 64108
(in the Crossroads)


“Bad Seed” is a haven for organic growing, sustainable living, and creative thinking at large. I grow an extensive variety of heirloom vegetables noted for their unique appearance and extraordinary flavor, as well as an array of culinary/medicinal herbs and edible flowers.

“Bad Seed” is a non-certified, organic operation dedicated to respecting both the health of the individual and the environment. It is my aim to build community and collective consciousness through the the universal pleasure that comes from eating good food. Visitors are always welcome on the farm for tours or at the Bad Seed headquarters located in the Crossroads (downtown Kansas City) for coffee, confection, and conversation.

the Bird Sings Greeting Cards and Boutique


My company name, Bird Sings, represents the wonder that occurs when we fulfill our natural purpose in life. So, just as the bird sings, the flower blooms, and the tree shades, when we express our natural purpose we do so without effort. In fact, we find exhilaration from doing that which we were always intended to do. 

I hope you enjoy my work and the work of my artists. This is the fulfillment of my purpose. I hope you are experiencing the joy of fulfilling your own purpose each and every day.


1509 Walnut Street
Kansas City, Missouri


Family owned and operated since 1904. Now featuring biodegradable and environmentally friendly products.


Biodegradable Garbage Bags
Engineered to provide the service and performance of ordinary plastic but will totally fragment and disintegrate in 12 to 24 months when disposed of in a landfill or as litter in our environment. All products using the TDPA technology, fully degrade when disposed of in commercial landfills and are guaranteed to leave no harmful residues. The only by-products of degradation are CO2 and H2O, biomass and small, molecular fragments that are consistent with materials that biodegrade. Degradation is continuous in landfills, composts and in soil burial, even in winter conditons.

Biodegradable Compostable Tableware
High-heat, heavyweight, PLA (corn) eating utensils. This compostable cutlery is made from NatureWorks PLA with some biodegradable fillers. Strong and durable like heavyweight plastic cutlery, our PLA cutlery is great for hot or cold foods.


This cutlery maintains its strength in foods up to approximately 165 degrees (F) which is hotter than most food is served. The spoons get a little soft if left in bowls of really hot soup, but they remain strong as long as they are not kept in hot liquids for long periods of time. The knives are strong enough to cut through steak and the forks work well no matter what type of food you’re serving!


Made from U.S.-grown corn, our cutlery is biodegradable in commercial composting conditions. The utensils will completely decompose within 100 days in a commercial composting environment.


BioPak Natural To-Go Boxes
BioPak to-go food containers are made using recycled materials and are recyclable. They make excellent take out containers for both hot and cold foods. Bio Paks allow hot food to breathe, preventing soggy leftovers.


100% Recycled Paper Towels
Not your typical "green" paper towel, these babies really sop it up! Thick, sturdy, these are real paper towels folks. 100% recycled content with 30% post-consumer content (that means the paper that goes into the rolls was already used once) and big, heavy rolls too!


100% Recycled Brown Paper Napkins
These napkins are made from 100% recycled paper, with a 90% minimum post-consumer content. They are brown, unbleached napkins. Hypo-allergenic. Recycled, less toxic. Seventh Generation Unbleached Napkins are made from 100% recycled paper. Your choice of these napkins makes an important difference today, and for the next seven generations, give or take.


100% Recycled Natural Kraft Paper Bags
95% post consumer content...made in the USA!


215 SW Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri 64108




The Brenmar Company has strived to provide our customers with the newest innovations in environmentally friendly products. In that effort we are providing a larger selection of green products this year in hopes that you will help us make the earth a cleaner greener place.


Restaurant to-go supplies sustainably Made in the USA.


Lathrop, Missouri

Here at Campo Lindo, we refer to our layer hens as "the ladies".  We have about 3600, and they keep busy supplying the Kansas City area.


The ladies live in large barns, and they have pastures to roam and play in.  It's also a great place to hunt for worms, crickets and other bugs! (They often have to share the pasture with our sheep and horses, but they don't seem to mind too much.) They come into the barn to eat, drink, sleep, and lay eggs.


In addition to the grass, bugs and critters they find in the pastures, the hens also receive an all natural feed ration which is mostly corn and soybeans.  We feed NO ANTIBIOTICS or hormones, though I like to stress that poultry feed never contains hormones.

710 E. 22nd Street, Lawrence, KS 66046
Simply the best organic tofu around. Central Soyfoods has been handcrafting tempeh and traditional nigari tofu delivered fresh for over 26 years.

dr david
Cornerstone Foundation brings internationally recognized authors and speakers to Unity Temple on a regular basis.

Allergy Treatment Office
5930 Roe Avenue #102, Mission, KS 66205

The NAET Breakthrough
NAET stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique after its developer, Dr. Devi Nambudripad, author of Say Goodbye to Illness. It is an allergy treatment based on classical acupuncture that is performed without needles. Allergens are cleared, one at a time. The best results are obtained if they are cleared in a specific order. Normally one item is treated per day, then the substance is avoided for 25 hours.


How long do NAET treatments take?
It depends on the conditions being treated, but it can take as long as six to nine months of weekly treatments. The good news is that results are usually immediate enough to be encouraging, and when the allergy/sensitivities are cleared, they tend to remain clear.


NAET Costs
In our office a NAET session is $41 and takes 30-35 minutes which includes a 20 minute recovery time. Some offices charge as much as $200.00 a visit, and the typical cost is $85. Most patients will not have insurance coverage so our fees have been established with the knowledge that payment comes from discretionary income. Since inflation sometimes causes fees to increase, call to obtain current fees.

Biodegradable Paper Cups
Made using a PLA bio-plastic inner lining, these paper hot cups are fully compostable.

Cold Drink Cups
Our line of cold drink cups are made from PLA plastic derived from corn. PLA plastic is a compostable material that when placed in a commercial environment will naturally decompose back to organic elements. Unlike regular cold cups that are made using petroleum, PLA plastic products are made using US grown corn!


8" Compostable Biodegradable Straws
Made from Corn.


Wooden Coffee Stirrers
Plastic coffee stirrers never biodegrade, ever! So, if you must have coffee stirrers, these wooden coffee stirrers are much preferred. These natural products are very well made, you won't ever have to worry about splinters in your coffee!


Biodegradable Souffle Cups and Lids
Biodegradable souffle cups made from corn round-out your food packaging supplies. These portion cups are made from 100% corn. They are perfect for small side portions of salad dressing, sauce, samplers, or other condiments. Throw these souffle cups in your compost bin and watch them biodegrade in 45 days.




Delivered by hand, straight from the land.
Local, organic produce, meats, dairy, baked goods, & pantry items delivered to your door.

We've been hard at work contacting new local farmers to give you a wide variety of wholesome organic food.

◦ Largest Selection of local items
◦ Farmer's Market to your door
◦ Free delivery with $25 order
◦ Convenient Online Ordering
◦ Customer Service Guarantee

Support Local, Eat Fresh!


gClootz Design
Kansas City, MO

Specializing in graphic design and marketing.

Print and web designer for Eden Alley Cafe.


Mention Eden Alley and receive 10% off.

biodegradable food service Gloves
Greener Country

Natural Latex is: Harvested from the "Hevea Brasiliensis Tree," a Renewable Resource, Leaves No Carbon Footprint and Contains no Petrochemicals.

Disposable in landfill or compost.



monica hansen herbs

Overland Park, Kansas

Herbs and edible beauties.

Amy Harvey

Valda Hsu

The artists who paint our tables can do the same for you. These two are amazing! Check out all the tables they have done for us in our "Photos" section.

Healing Hands -
Monica Hansen, RN, BSN, CMT
by appointment: 913.322.8599

Myofascial Massage. Pregnancy Massage. Elder Massage. Craniosacral Therapy. Attunement.

My healing work is born from a place of deep stillness and a desire to help you find peace in body, mind and spirit. I am a nurse/massage therapist and combine a knowledge of the human body from a medical perspective with an intuitive sense of touch and the connection between body and spirt. The sacred space in which we will work is created by intention.

I have been sharing the gift of healing massage with clients for over ten years, and have also taught massage classes for the JCCC program.

Mention Eden Alley and receive 10% off your initial visit.



Monica Hansen

Photography that caputres the essence. Photos featured in the Eden Alley Cookbook. Her love also produces beautiful and fragrant herbs used in many of our dishes (Hansen Herbs).

Mention Eden Alley and receive 10% off your initial visit.

kc rep

Performing Arts Center, 4949 Cherry St., Kansas City, MO, 64110

The Rep is the premier fully professional resident theater company of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The Rep performs in the Performing Arts Center on the University of Missouri Kansas City campus, 4 blocks east of the Country Club Plaza. Receive "Buy One Entree get One Half Off" at Eden Alley with your REP Member Card.



Klaus and LeAnn Karbaumer
Platte City, Missouri

Karbaumer Farm is a small farm just outside Platte City, Missouri (near Kansas City). Our farm is powered by draft horses. We use no tractors. We use no chemicals in our gardens or pastures. We farm organically.


We endorse sustainable practices to protect our air and the planet we share . Our commitment is to promote a local food system by providing locally grown, healthy food to our community through Community Supported Agriculture. We try to live and grow in harmony with Nature and her seasons.



4825 Troost, Suite 202, Kansas City, MO 64110

"Your Station for NPR News" and excellent local programming. Receive "Buy one get one, value up to $8" at Eden Alley with your KCUR Member Card. Valid Monday thru Thursday Only. Not valid with any other offers.


125 East Thirty-First Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

Channel 19. KCPT uses television to enrich people's lives with programming and services that challenge our minds, brighten our spirits and prepare children for a life of learning.Receive "Buy one get one, value up to $8" at Eden Alley with your KCPT Member Card. Valid Monday thru Thursday Only. Not valid with any other offers.





Windsor, Missouri


Eggs and veggies...ohhh, and such delicious tomatoes!

The Little Muddy Farm is a first generation farm established in 2004. The farm is between Knob Noster Missouri and Windsor Missouri on SE 23 Hiway. 


We have used organic-sustainable practices to renew the vigor and vitality of the soil. Fruit trees have been planted as well as elderberries, asparagus, garlic, grapes, rhubarb.


7700 E. 40 Highway, Kansas City, MO 64129


Converting over 90% of Eden Alley's waste into compost (new dirt) and keeping it out of the landfill.


Read the article.




Betty Mendenhall
12589 Salem Cemetery Rd,
Higginsville,MO 64037
Hm. 660-584-2526 Cell:816-726-3405
PeacockF (@) ctcis.net

We are a sustainable ag. grower. We offer chemical free VEGETABLES & FRUITS, FREE RANGE EGGS & DUCK EGGS. Our fruits are the best. See us at the City Market every Saturday from 7-3pm –Stalls 15 16 17. Or,better yet,enjoy the pick of the crop and join our CSA program,May 9th thru Oct 3rd. lt is a 22 week program with fresh fruit almost every week & STRAWBERRIES all summer. $425 for the season,may be made in 2 payments. $60.00 extra per season for home delivery. Deliveries south of the river on Thursdays. Pick up at 39th and Genessee on Thursday @ 5pm. Home deliveries North of the river are Saturday @ 3pm. All produce picked fresh day of delivery. Limited # of CSA shares are available, so reserve early!


rainy day books

The Fairway Shops
2706 W 53rd Street, Fairway, KS 66205-1705

Rainy Day Books, Inc., opened its doors in The Fairway Shops in November 1975. Since then, Rainy Day Books has provided the Greater Kansas City community with a gathering place, a wellspring for creative thoughts and ideas, and an ongoing voice for awareness, involvement and literacy.

Rainy Day Books brings internationally recognized authors and speakers to Unity Temple on a regular basis. Make it a perfect evening...you're coming to Unity Temple to see an author, dine with us, downstairs, before or after and receive 10% OFF with your tickets.

the roasterie
2601 Madison, Kansas City, MO 64108
"Air-Roasted" coffee. Supporting the world's small, specialty farmers and their communities.

Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Ethiopian caffeinated and Blue Sky water processed decaffeinated coffees. Roasted right here in Kansas City, Missouri.

This is Eden Alley's coffee provider because they are local, their product is excellent, and they care.

9406 N. HWY. 33, Osborn, MO 64474
(816) 930-3862
Shatto Milk Company is a small, family owned and operated, dairy farm located just north of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Our family has been farming here for more than 100 years and began a dairy farm more than 60 years ago. In June 2003 our family began processing our own milk on the farm. We decided to bottle our own milk for the purpose of providing our customers with the freshest and best tasting dairy products possible.



featured farmer

Dennis E. Smith


Milo, Missouri



A local cooperative of family growers supplying quality food from our farms to your table.

Produce Less Waste by Practicing the 3 R's

Reduce the amount and toxicity of trash you discard. Reuse or repair containers and products. Recycle as much as possible, which includes buying products with recycled content.

If you're not recycling, where is it going?

Snailherder was created by the owner of our restaurant to get the word out about recycling...and believe us, we recycle everything we get our hands on! And now our fellow businesses inside Unity Temple recycle too!

Tonic MailStopper

formerly GreenDimes

Stamp out junk mail.

Stop up to 90% of your junk mail with MailStopper - in just 90 days. We work with over 6,500 direct marketers - to make sure you get only the mail you want.


Un-Clutter your Life.

Catalogs. Credit card offers. Grocery store circulars. Not only does junk mail pile up - it also can lead to identity theft. With MailStopper, you'll save time, reduce waste, and protect your privacy.


Think green. Plant trees.

When you join MailStopper, we plant 5 trees on your behalf. Combined with the paper you save, it's like growing your own tiny forest.


trade routes

12259 W. 87th Parkway
Lenexa, Kansas 66215
(913) 599 - 0700

Our PITA BREAD supplier.


Trade Routes, A Traditional Bakery has the fresh breads you remember from home and for customers new to traditional breads from the middle east, these are a real treat.

Trade Routes uses the finest ingredients possible and bakes with time tested methods that come from years of experience baking traditional breads.  The bakery began with a manual oven, baking one loaf at a time.  Slowly rising right in our own dedicated bakery each loaf is hand loaded in the manual oven and packaged fresh for your pleasure.

The Bakery now includes a custom tunnel oven, just like the ones used through out the middle east, and now we are able to provide more bread for lovers of fresh bread through out the mid-west.

Baked goods include white and wheat pocket breads, sesame breads, cheese and meat pies, and many other favorites.  Check with your local grocer for our products or come by our store front at 87th and Monrovia in Lenexa, Kansas.  We also ship, overnight, via Federal Express.


560 Westport Road Kansas City, Missouri 64111

Discover Kansas City's 'Green' hotel. The historic Quarterage Hotel has completed a total renovation and transformation into the Q Hotel + Spa. With a nationally recognized eco-plan, the Q Hotel + Spa is introducing sustainability to Midwest hotels.


In room recycling, Green Seal approved cleaning products, energy efficient water/electrical devices, a Hybrid shuttle vehicle and the availability of guest bicycles are just 5 items of our 38 point 'Green' plan. This plan has been received and accepted by the prestigious ecorooms.com.


Other renovation upgrades include brand new rooms all with top-of-the-line bedding, true hi-def tv's (1st in KC), IPod/MP3 players and Aveda bath amenities. Our day spa offers pedicures and manicures on an appointment basis and is the only hotel from Downtown to the Plaza that can offer these services.


Additional services include free hot breakfast, free drinks/managers reception every evening, free wi-fi and guest computers available in the lobby and free shuttle service to area attractions including to the Sprint Center. For the workout, we offer FREE day passes to the Golds Gym located exactly 98 steps from our front door.


Located in Westport/Plaza, the Q Hotel + Spa is strategically located to showcase not only the best the city has to offer, but also the realities of eco-friendly lodging.

707 W. 47th St., Kansas City, MO 64112

Eden Alley Cafe is located in the lower level of Unity Temple on the Plaza.

Unity Temple is a place in the Kansas City community where diversity is truly praised and peace and harmony are the rewards. We welcome people of all races, religions social/political positions, and lifestyles.


The spiritual message we present is an extremely positive approach to life, seeking to see the good in all people and circumstances. Unity seeks to relate spirituality to daily needs, in a practical way, affirming that for every need there is God’s perfect answer.


VegKC is the collective voice of people like you in Kansas City! Together, we're bringing veganism and vegetarianism to KC through community-building (monthly potlucks & meetups), non-confrontational education and outreach efforts (via literature distribution, events, and restaurant outreach), and through providing a comprehensive, local online resource (one of the best of its kind!)


Interested in becoming a partner business?

Contact us at edenalley@edenalley.com and let's discuss how we can work together to enhance our customers' lives.


Kansas City Vegetarian Restaurants



816.561.5415 carryout & reservations | catering information 816.561.7595



Eden Alley Café vegetarian restaurant dining on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri featuring
divine flavors for the conscious eater: vegan, gluten + soy free, local + organic, healthy food.

six-story parking garage with covered access

wheelchair accessability from Jefferson Street
streetside garden patio • nine-space bike rack




EDEN ALLEY CAFE + CATERING, 707 W 47 St., lower level of Unity Temple on the Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri 64112




gluten free guide





Vegetarian Vegan Cookbook

Stir-Well to Heaven the Eden Alley Cookbook

85 pages of nutritional information, recipes and beautiful photography!



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