Farm to Table Vegetarian including Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and Nut-Free choices.

After more than 24 years, almost a quarter century...
Eden Alley will no longer be open at Unity Temple.

LOCATION CLOSED as of August 29th, 2018

Since our landlord's decision for us to close our business on August 28, we have been donating our 24 year business' property to local charities dedicated to feeding the needful.


On Monday, September 10th, the contents and equipment that helped us make Eden Alley exist, will begin to be donated to several local charities dedicated to feeding the hungry.

Sandi's former high school, Northeast High School’s Village Mart, a food pantry run by dynamo Roberta Holt-Kipper, will be taking the food, helping to feed students and families.

Most of our equipment and tables will be used in Dale Lightfoot's Lightfoot Ministries, who is starting a local food kitchen, which will be able to feed the homeless and those in need for years to come.

Thanks again for your continued support during one of the hardest times in our lives.

Our amazing team will be out looking for new opportunities, if you can help.

We love and appreciate you.


Feeding hungry people since 1994, Eden Alley features a relaxing atmosphere and passionate food to energize you. We combine Traditional, Organic and Local ingredients to create a "Divine Flavor for the Conscious Eater."

100% of our Lunch | Dinner Menu has VEGAN variations available, and 90% have GLUTEN-FREE options as well.

From their Farm to your Table...our food is hand-made, and completely Vegetarian including Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and Nut-Free and Oil-Free choices. Our menu is dynamic and the flavors are ever-changing depending on the availability of ingredients. 

With 120 seats, our Vegetarià (vegetarian cafeteria) is large enough to easily accommodate you...even large groups are no problem. There's rarely ever a wait for your table...and dining on our Garden Patio features a beautiful street level view of the Plaza.

We offer fast and scrumptious Lunch. Luxurious and delectable Dinner. Imaginative Saturday Brunch from 11-4, featuring vegetarian and vegan breakfast items. Fresher than fresh Micro-Specials...Small batches and limited quantities, available while they last.

Free WiFi : )  Part of the solar powered COMMUNITY on the Plaza, Kansas City...lower level of Unity Temple.