Small Bites


Our food is hand-made, featuring LOCAL and ORGANIC produce, all combined with TRADITIONAL ingredients to produce a "DIVINE FLAVOR for the CONSCIOUS EATER."

Need it vegan or gluten-free? Dietary constraints? We'll adjust our items to your needs.

Our pricing is per person and is based on a minimum count of 20 servings per item.
The prices listed are for food only, subject to availability, and all prices listed are subject to market price changes.

Delivery, Service and other fees may apply. (see F A Q)
48 hours advance notice is greatly appreciated. 

CURRY (vegan/nut+soy-free) Our fabulous warm dip made with fresh leafy greens and Yukon potato, onions, curried spices and nutritional yeast topped with tomato apple raisin chutney served with grilled pita.

HUMMUS (vegan/nut+soy-free) Pureed garbanzo beans, olive oil, tahini, raw and roasted garlic with toasted sesame oil and local pita bread.

TAZIKI (nut+soy-free) Chunky puree of dill, zucchini, yogurt and heavy cream with raw garlic and pita bread.

  • DIPS  (3.)  choose all three (8.)  
  • gluten-free: sub veggies or corn tortilla chips or potato flatbread
  • Additional Options: vegan cheese sauce  (or)   feta cheese (2.)

MINI FALAFEL ON ZUCCHINI (gluten-free)  Little falafel patties on taziki sitting on a zucchini slice (4.) vegan: sub hummus for taziki

CHIPS AND SALSA (vegan/gluten-free) Tortilla chips and your choice of: smoky jalapeno tomato; roasted corn; roasted eggplant; chick pea pico; canteloupe salsa.  (2.5)  

PINWHEELS (vegan) Flour tortilla stuffed with black beans, brown rice, onions and southwestern spices rolled and sliced. note: other stuffing available

  • PROTEIN CHOICES  (5.)  |  Tofu (6.)  |  Vegan taco mix (6.)
  • Additional Options: vegan cheese sauce  (or)  cheese

 (vegan/gluten-free) Made with fresh greens, brown rice, tofu, potato bread crumbs, herbs and garlic served with tomato-basil coulee. (5.)

BEET BALLS (vegan/gluten-free) Made with textured vegetable protein, roasted beets, tofu and mushrooms, GF oats, herbs and garlic served with a basil marinara. (5.)

 STUFFED MUSHROOMS (vegan) Baby portabellas stuffed with a cranberry sage stuffing.  (5.)

STUFFED BRIE  Brie cheese stuffed with roasted garlic, basil and roasted tomatoes served with fruits and bread. note: other stuffing available  (8.)

CURRIED KABOBS (gluten-free)  Skewers loaded with curried vegetables and your choice of protein served with tomato raisin chutney.  

  • PROTEIN CHOICES  Tofu (6.) | Seitan (8.)

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